Assignment 5: Final Proposal

“Little Bones Babes”

The 6 pages are including front and back cover art to introduce and depart from the character.

I figure my audience will be little girls, but who knows, maybe old ladies will like it too.

Some of the feedback I received today in class centered around questions regarding layout.  Do I need panels to create this book?  I very much want this to be considered a comic, so I think that panels are necessary to share the sequential media in a format recognizable to comic book readers.

Another question brought up was in regard to how much pop up is in the story and how is it being used.  There is concern that the fine line and balance to create this project as a complete piece without over saturation of pop up elements may not be met.  In the comics class, the story is the most significant point to address.  If pop up exists just to exist for aesthetic pleasure without purpose, the story might suffer and comic book cues may be missed.  I’ve been challenged to create a comic with pop-up elements that have a purpose without being redundant.  Time to consult my Scott McCloud book, Understanding Comics yet again to ponder the different ways to tell a story effectively.


I am excited to get to work on this project, and maybe get to show my finished work at the MoCCA ArtFest.  How cool would that be?


~ by lartistamaria on February 29, 2012.

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